So, I joined a band…

As a woman in her late twenties, I think I’m a little young for a mid life crisis. That being said, I have had a revelation in the past couple of weeks that has changed the way that I feel about my life and I thought I would share it here– incase someone stumbles on […]

Personal Bio

I am an ambitious graphic designer and fine artist based out of Philadelphia, PA in the¬†Manayunk neighborhood. I was raised in a rural town just outside of Binghamton, NY. I was “a nerd” growing up and spent most of my lunch periods in the art room working on watercolor and oil paintings. Instead of conforming […]

“The Dress”

  Here’s a picture of “the dress” that you probably haven’t seen before. The Salvation Army used a white and gold dress inspired by the dress that sparked controversy all over the internet to make a point about domestic violence. I believe this is a very successful ad campaign because it is taking something that […]

Inspired by Peter Max

Peter Max is one of those artists that completely perplexed me when I first saw his work. My boyfriend Craig and I love going on cruises. Every cruise we’ve been on, we make an effort to attend Park West’s art auctions and information sessions on artists and printing processes. At every auction, the auctioneer always […]


As a kid, I always had a fascination with outer space. My dad would tell me all about different galaxies and nebulas. We ended up getting a telescope and taking pictures of the moon, the red glow of Mars, Jupiter’s eye, and the faint circle of Saturn’s rings. I remember distinctly a charcoal drawing my […]

Self Branding

Who knew that self branding could be such a process! I’m incredibly happy with what I’ve accomplished towards it so far. Admittedly, I would be going in a completely different direction if it wasn’t for my awesomely critical and persistent professors. I feel that what I chose suits me better than anything else could, because […]

Courtney Sings Opera

For this school assignment, I worked with a partner that designed a new masthead for Rolling Stone magazine. After he designed the masthead and chose the cover story and teaser stories, I was in charge of designing a cover for the magazine. I found an image of Courtney Love that would work well and Photoshopped […]