Wegmans Gift Cards


I finally finished this project! Yay! It went through a lot of tweaking and revisions, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out. For this assignment, we made gift cards from an establishment of our choosing. Having been raised in Binghamton, NY, I have a soft spot in my heart for Wegmans grocery stores. I decided to do my gift cards in the spirit of what their company stands for. These are NOT official Wegmans gift cards. This is a student product.


I started off with basic sketches. I then refined those sketches, scanned them in, and began color roughs in Photoshop tracing over the original sketches with the Wacom tablet. Once those were approved, I continued to trace… And color. I used a wonderful watercolor brush and set various transparencies. I scanned a paper bag for a local grocery store for the texture. After creating the art, I brought it into illustrator and began the process of making it into gift cards. Clipping masks were crucial. Please enjoy taking a look at the finished product.


If you would like to repost this for whatever reason, please get my permission to do so first. :)


<3- Dani


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