Courtney Sings Opera

Courtney LoveCourtney gif

For this school assignment, I worked with a partner that designed a new masthead for Rolling Stone magazine. After he designed the masthead and chose the cover story and teaser stories, I was in charge of designing a cover for the magazine. I found an image of Courtney Love that would work well and Photoshopped the elements that I would like included in the final version. Then, I printed out the Photoshopped image, and traced the outline on my light box. I drew the braids and breast plate by hand and tried to make the braids look a bit messy. After tracing, I took the image off the light box and worked in grayscale values in pencil by hand. Then, I scanned the value drawing back into my computer. I brought the drawing back into Photoshop and set it as my top layer as “multiply”. I used my Wacom tablet in Photoshop to color various layers underneath the drawing. The pen is pressure sensitive which helped add lights and darks. I also used a watercolor brush set to varying degrees of transparency layered on top of one another. When the colored art was finished, I took it into Adobe Illustrator where I created the magazine lockup and placed the image. I really enjoyed creating this. It took a long time, but in the end, I’m quite pleased with the result. :)


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