“The Dress”

Salvation Army uses #thedress to raise domestic violence awareness


Here’s a picture of “the dress” that you probably haven’t seen before. The Salvation Army used a white and gold dress inspired by the dress that sparked controversy all over the internet to make a point about domestic violence.

I believe this is a very successful ad campaign because it is taking something that is very current in pop culture and making the viewer think about it yet again. The copy is very minimal but the tag line speaks for itself.

Though I believe everyone would agree that domestic abuse is a very serious thing, what is controversial about this design is “the dress” itself. The dress sparked controversy and debate all across the internet and beyond. Even grand mothers were calling their grand children asking what color they think the dress is. The Salvation Army saw an opportunity to take something everyone talks about and turn it into something truly thought provoking.

I saw an article about this on Facebook a few days ago. The friend that posted it on their wall said they they would love to be on the marketing team that thought to capitalize on this concept. I have to agree. This is a great way to raise awareness for domestic abuse. Stay golden, Salvation Army.

* For the record, I saw a blue and black dress every time I saw the original picture. ;)

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